Hey, here’s something I’ve been working on for the past week or two: I HAVE A PATREON NOW

Not gonna advertise this too hard before I get some more stuff up there, but for now you can get a pass to my backer’s blog with 5 next sior pages on it~

Basically I wanna post my every day doodles there, fan arts and original work, lots of stuff I wouldn’t post elsewhere. Some of it will land on Tumblr and Twitter later, some will not. And when I prepare any comic pages in advance, I will post them at once on the backer’s blog too (so right now you get up-to-my-pace updates on main site, batch scene updates on Tapastic after that, and early access hi-res pages on Patreon)

BUT I MAINLY JUST WANTED A PLACE TO DUMP STUFF that I don’t feel like sharing in a completely public space!

You can get all that for one buck a month, so jump on if that sounds good to you UuO


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